Revisiting an old Minecraft map I made pt. 1

Like many people who use the internet, I would also consider myself somewhat of a gamer. The first game I truly became obsessed over was Minecraft. I fell into the Minecraft hysteria of the early 2010's, just like countless others. I was incredibly inspired by the content of Minecraft I watched and would do anything to be able to play it. Eventually, I would get an Xbox 360 and immediately started making maps. My first maps were of very poor quality and didn't amount to much more than superflat worlds with random builds scattered about. It would take me a few years to actually make maps that made any sense. Today I logged onto my Xbox and decided to dig through a few of my old Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition maps. I was originally going to go over about five of them in this one post, but then I realized that one at a time would be a better idea. This might become somewhat of a "series" on my blog, which is why I preemptively named it part 1. Anyway, that's enough introduction, I hope you enjoy!

Arena 1

This was my poor attempt at a PVP map. I suppose it was supposed to be inspired loosely by Call of Duty and other similar shooter games, although it didn't really turn out that way at all. It didn't help that I didn't play many shooter games at the time time and hardly even knew what COD was. I don't remember who helped me with this map, but I distinctly remember being in a call with at least one other person who actually played Call of Duty who was helping build. Though if memory serves, I did this mostly on my own and it shows.

killcraft arena 1

Here is the first of the two arenas on this world. To play, what we did was split up into two teams, the orange team and the blue team. As it turns out, According to the name of an item in a kit I found on this map, the blue team is called "The Devestators" and the orange team "The Blazes". While I'm not entirely sure where I came up with the name for the blue team, "The Blazes" would probably be referring to an old friend of mine who would've played on this map with me and probably helped build it. Each team would wear leather armor dyed with the colors of their team and would be equipped with a stone sword which is supposed to be a knife, two instant damage II splash potions which are grenades, and a bow enchanted with Mending, power V, infinity, punch II and unbreaking III which is the sniper.

As for the map itself, it's kind of terrible. I think it is best known for the weird looking cars I built because when I asked my brother if he remembered the map, he replied with "The one with the vechicles?" Especially that blue van, hideous. I was going for something that looks apocolypic/abandoned and I definetly made it look abandoned, but that's just because nobody has been on it in years. It just doesn't really look like a COD map at all and I wasn't a good builder. Also, as you can see there are multiple unfinished buildings. I suppose I was too lazy to finish them and stopped building after the arena was playable. Which is weird, considering I ended up making a seasonal arena which would end with less unfinished buildings than the first one.

Arena 2

killcraft arena 2

The second of the Killcraft arenas, this is where I completely gave up on the idea of this at all being inspired by Call of Duty. It must've been close to Christmas at the time. Either that or I was just completely off my rocker. I don't remember playing on this one as much as the other, it might've only been in December when I played on this. There's also a lot of empty space, which doesn't help. That candy cane tower was a pretty good camping spot though, so maybe it was sort of like COD in a way.

Despite all of the negative things I have to say about this world, I have some good memories surrounding it. I liked it so much, that I made a remake a few years after the first one. It's called "KILL CRAFT ANNIVERSARY" and I have yet to open the world. I don't remember much about that one, but maybe I'll go on it so I can make a blog post about it as well. I'll probably be making more blog posts where I revisit worlds like this, so be sure to check my blog every once in a while. Thanks for reading.

failed end portals
Saturday, October 14, 2023