Website Links

Upon discovering a website, one of the first things I do is look for a link directory page. I do this to find even MORE websites, which allows me to continue on my internet journey. With this in mind, I have created this page. I grouped the links into categories, sorry if the categories don't make much sense. If you have any contributions to this page that you'd think would fit, feel free to email me or something. Enjoy.

The Boys

  • My website, the one you are currently on.

  • This is the website of my friend who inspired me to make this website. Visit him if you'd like to see waifus and tech related rants.

  • O'Server Discord
  • My Discord server, which is where you can find the rest of my rentoid friends who don't have websites. It's a pretty good server, I suggest you join.

  • O'Server Telegram
  • If you don't like Discord, perhaps you'd rather join my Telegram group.


  • 9/11 Real Time
  • This website lets you set the time to any point during September 11th, 2001 and watch TV in real time. Really cool educational tool.

  • ColabVM
  • Multiple different public Virtual Machines which you can view and use in your browser.

  • Heaven's Gate
  • Even though this cult ended in a mass suicide over 25 years ago, two loyal cultists have stayed to maintain the website. You can also email them at

  • JS Paint
  • Classic MS Paint written in Javascript for your browser.

  • The Best 404 Page Ever
  • Each time you refresh, it plays a random flash video using the Ruffle emulator.

  • Windows 93
  • The Windows that we should've gotten.

Browser Games

  • 2048
  • Small number + Small number = Big number :)

  • Classic Minecraft
  • A very old version of Minecraft in your browser (Supports Multiplayer!!!)

  • Cookie Clicker
  • Click the cookie and the number of cookies gets higher. Genius!

  • Kung Fu Chess
  • Chess in real time!

  • Mario Kart PC
  • Retro-styled Mario Kart fangame with an active (albeit French) community.

  • Newgrounds
  • The Classic Flash site. If these other games that I list don't really tickle you, there's thousands of great games here.

  • Really good Tetris clone that even has a ranked system.



  • 4chan
  • One of the worst websites on the internet.

  • Agora Road
  • The best kept secret on the internet!

  • Gold Src Saturdays
  • They play Gold Src games on Saturday. The only people you will find playing Ricochet in 2023.

  • Super Dimension Fortress
  • A public access UNIX system with a lot of cool features and whatnot.

  • A nice community of people with their own custom webpages.