The Beginning

After a long time of not doing much of anything with this site, I have decided to work on it more and start a blog. This is that blog. In this post, I will lay out my goals for

I began this website ~2 months ago. The original name of the website was, before I quickly became a Neocities supporter and registered a custom domain. This website's original incarnation was very barebones with absolutely no CSS. All it really had was a short welcoming paragraph and my contact info. I did a few other things like add a page about my favorite band, Ween and a Guestbook which is still on the website. I had a perfectly functional personal website, so I was mostly satisfied with it and left it alone for the time.

Eventually, I would do more exploring on Neocities and find all sorts of interesting websites. On these website, I found link repositories which led me to even MORE interesting websites! I had discovered a whole new world, Web 1.0. These people, land chads, as I like to call them, existed in their own bubble where they interact with each other and write blog posts. My interest would grow, and I was inspired to rework this website.

As I looked for ways to improve my website, I looked to my idols. The websites and their owners which I respected the most. I have taken parts of their websites, consciously and unconsciously, and put them into my own. I got the layout of this site from's layout builder, which allowed me to make a website that doesn't look like complete garbage. I frankensteined together the perfect website, my magnum opus.

All of that is to say that I plan on updating my blog regularly, so be sure to check in every once in a while. Thanks for reading!!!

Saturday, September 30, 2023